Select your car and dog breed and find the matching dog box for you, your car and your dog

How to use the configurator

The Dog-box Configurator helps you to find the appropriate dog-box for your dog and your vehicle easily. If it shows no appropriate dog-box for your vehicle or dog in the configurator, please contact us.

Note: All information provided on the Dog-box Configurator are indications only, because of the variance in size of dogs within the same breed.

From the safety perspective it is really important to choose the right dog-box for your dog. Thereby please keep the following principle in mind:

A dog should just have as much space as it’s required, meaning he should be able to sit, lie down and turn around. As more space a dog has in his crate as bigger is the risk of injury in case of emergency breaking or an accident.

With the new 4pets Dog-box Configurator you have a simple tool to find the right dog-box for your car and dog.

There are two ways how to use the Dog-box Configurator:


IMPORTANT: All information shown and given by the configurator are subject to change!



Select only the car brand, the model and the year of manufacture. Without choosing a dog breed.


The configurator shows all crates which are suitable for your car only. This gives a good indication about the possible sizes available for your car.


Select the dog breed followed by the car brand, the model and the year of manufacture.


The configurator indicates which crates will be suitable for both, your dog and your car.

Choose now your crate from the several displayed versions. It is up to you to choose between different widths and depths, depending on the space you will reserve for the crate. Keep in mind, too much space in a crate for a dog is dangerous!


The dog-sizes used for the Dog-Box Configurator are indications and based on an average shoulder height of a dog breed.
Differences in the size within the breed are possible.


If no box is displayed to your car or dog, it is possible to create the necessary space by folding down the rear seat. In any case, the 4pets dog crates has to be fixed properly in the car by using the “StrapFix”, according to the instructions in the description.

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